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Software is a computer program provided with all necessary documents (feasibility, management, research, specification, design, development, testing, maintenance, etc.). 

Software engineering is a systematic and multidisciplinary engineering branch that deals with the design, development, testing and maintenance of computer software by basing on a specific goal and system, division of labor and utilizing certain principles, methods and tools. 

A software engineer is a person who designs the software of computer systems in all areas mainly including the sectors of the aerospace and defense technology, banking, automotive, telecommunication, etc., as well as integrates and implements them to the system. 

Because the software engineering department of IUE is the first software engineering department established in Turkey.
Because the department comprises the academic staff that have worked in software sector, have both the practical and theoretical knowledge, and have proved their scientific competencies.
Because the department is the only software engineering department in Turkey that has the options of game and web engineering.
Because the department is a software engineering department that has many students that go into business life and start working before graduation.

Turkey and especially Izmir have become a software center in recent years thanks to Technology Development Zones (techno-cities) opened within universities and the hundreds of new software companies have been launched in company with new investments. In this respect, there has been an incredible demand for software engineers and the concern of employment has replaced with the question of which company I should choose. In addition, software engineers are also able to open their own business with very low capital thanks to the tax benefits that techno-cities provide.

Those who have high level of general skills and logical reasoning and ability to design, who have ability of persuasion and ability to convey what they know to others, who are interested in science and mathematics, who are social, careful, patient, open to new ideas, who can work in teams and improve themselves constantly are ideal people for Software Engineering.

Software Engineering Department of Izmir University of Economics comprises the option of sub-specialty areas of Computer Games and Web Engineering in addition to the degree of software engineering. You can select any of them, specialize in that sub-area in addition to software engineering degree, and have a certification. 

They generally work in office. However, they are required to pay visits stakeholders in the project and analysis processes. Besides they may be required to travel in Turkey and abroad depending on the projects. They constantly stay in touch with executives, programmers and customers during their projects.  
They establish customer relationships with respect to software to be prepared, do analysis in accordance with the information received from customers, prepare software design, and programs. They test available programs, and make necessary changes on them. After ensuring that software runs smoothly, they provide user training by preparing instructions for use when required and control necessary procedures for software. 

Although these two engineering disciplines have a lot more in common than they differ, the major difference can be pointed out as follows: While computer engineering puts the focus on the design and development of software mostly controlling hardware, software engineering deals with the design, development, establishment and maintenance of mostly application software.

The students start to learn the philosophy and discipline of software engineering as of the first year and throughout the program the students are expected to make a lot of practice. The students begin design and programming in the first year in order to improve their technical skills. They develop strong communication skills thanks to technical documentation, presentations, reports, screen assessments and teamwork.

During the first year, the students of software engineering take courses of Math and Physics in order to build a strong basis in math and science. They have also courses of two programming courses to develop good programming skills and to learn the principles of design; and, they utilize C / C + + / Java in these courses. Moreover, they take entry-level courses of Introduction to Software Engineering.

No prior knowledge of computer programming is required. Nevertheless, any experience could possibly be helpful in the programming courses of the first year.

Software Engineers are able to find work in many areas, or they are able to establish their own businesses with little capital. There are almost any kind of organization mainly including the defense industry, banking, medicine, transportation, retail, aerospace, game, service and manufacturing industries. These institutions can be in public or private sector and can be active at home and abroad. Our students, who would like to start their own business, begin to work already before they graduate, start earning money thanks to their own software first developed in the home environment, carry on their development by incorporating after they graduate, and can benefit from government incentives in this regard. Additionally, there are various scholarship programs at abroad, especially in European and American universities due to the global need for software engineers. Students can register in especially graduate programs with a scholarship, and can provide for themselves by working in various software development projects. The ones that are willing and suitable among these students start their academic lives by registering in the doctoral programs.

A software engineer can work any sector that deals with software.  Some of these are as follows: banking, games, e-government, electronic warfare and defense systems, signal processing, health information systems, robotics and artificial-intelligence.

The period study is a total of 5 years including one year English preparatory class. For the students that pass English preparatory class, the period is 4 years. 

Students are granted to this certificate when they take six of the courses related to computer games.

Students who take the necessary courses for the certificate will be able to write their own games, or they will have received a comprehensive education in computer games so that they can be easily adapted to a game software company in the industry. In this context, certificate courses are made using softwares that is widely used in the industry.


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