Department of Software Engineering


Dear, Software engineer candidates, welcome aboard. We would like you to know that  all the facilities and tools of the department will be at your disposal to ensure that  you accomplish your golas during your stay at our university. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and skills that will enable you to be successful in the future. We are happy to see you as a part of our  department.

You can get information about the department from our website. For your other questions, you can reach all our academic staff via e-mail.

We wish you all success.

İzmir University of Economics

Software Engineering Department


About Software Engineering..

Software Engineering is increasingly becoming an important area of study for the advanced technological applications in the modern business world. Today, computers are used extensively in areas of banking, communications, medicine, energy systems, design and production areas, and all these computers cannot function without proper and efficient software applications.

Software Engineers develop these application software as they consider user requirements, cost constraints, technical and economic feasibility, security and dependability, ease of maintenance, product quality and deliverability. Therefore, Software Engineers should be highly skilled in project management, communication and administration, in addition to having a strong technologic and engineering background.

For this reason, a cross-disciplinary approach is adopted for the Software Engineering curriculum at Izmir University of Economics: in addition to software engineering coursework, courses from computer engineering, general sciences, economics and social sciences are integrated into the course of study to endow our students with all the necessary skills required by the Industry at large.

İzmir University of Economics Software Engineering degree track is designed to educate the engineers of the future having the highest standards of software engineering, principles and application design aptitude.

The Department teaching philosophy is to integrate skills of teamwork, management, communication and creativity upon a strong technical background. As a result, the coursework will also emphasize application development and project management. It is our aim to provide our students with all the necessary skills required, from start to finish, in software development.