Department of Software Engineering


Project Name Project Coordinator / Researcher Years
Investigating the Effects of Computer-Based Affective Recommendation System on Teacher Trainees Cognitive- Emotional Development Assoc. Prof. Senem Kumova Metin 2018 - ...
Part of Speech Tagging with Deep Learning Methods Assoc. Prof. Senem Kumova Metin 2018 - ...
Identification of Multiword Expressions in Turkish Texts Assoc. Prof. Senem Kumova Metin 2015-2017
Using Certainty Factor Approach for Measuring Similarity of Short Turkish Texts
and Constructing a Paraphrase Corpus of Turkish
Assoc. Prof. Senem Kumova Metin 2015-2017
The Quantitative Linguistic Metrics of Written Turkish Texts Based on Zipf Laws Assoc. Prof. Senem Kumova Metin 2005-2008
Development and Analysis of 3D Localization Algorithms In Mobile Wireless
Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin Akcan 2012-2014
Algorithmic aspects of GPS-free node localization in wireless sensor networks Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin Akcan 2010-2012
Architecture, Design and Implementation of Context-Aware Service Platform. Asst. Prof. Ufuk Çelikkan
Asst. Prof. Kaan Kurtel
The comparison of neural components related with DM, short-term memory store
and recall of subjects diagnosed with MCI with early Alzheimers Disease and their
healthy siblings and controls
Asst. Prof. Kaya Oğuz 2015-2019


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