Computer Game Development Certificate
Recommended Courses by Semester

There are no official pre-requisites for any of the courses in this certificate program. We recommend that you take the courses in this order. For more information, call (0232) 488 81 22 or e-mail the Software Engineering Department.

 First Fall
  • SE 320
  • SE 313
  • SE 431
 First Spring
  • SE 330
  • SE 354
  • SE 432
 Second Fall
  • SE 352
Space Simulator

Start your career animating 3D content for video games, the Internet, television and movies, health, and civil engineering for companies like these:

Use your 3D graphical skills to visualize civil engineering and architectural projects
Combine your 3D graphical and programming skills with physics to create flight and space simulators, as well as add gravity and mass to your game
Create backgrounds and effects used in television and movies
Start your career making games for the Wii gaming console
Use your skills to create medical illustrations, animations, and simulations
Be part of the team that has created movies such as Toy Story, A Bug's Life, and Cars
Not all video games are single-person shooters. Some video games simulate sports played by humans
Use your 3D animation skills to make real-time strategy games.